Welcome to AMI

  • History: Foundation of AMI (Asset Management Immobilier) in 2000 and publication of a first reference book on real estate valuation, acquisition of the Colliers International brand in 2002, foundation of Colliers Switzerland in 2006, listing of Colliers international on NASDAQ in June 2015. Decision of Colliers Switzerland to become independent at the end of 2015 and sale of the “right on the name” to Colliers US in December 2015. The company recovers its historical name, “AMI” – same teams, same expertise, same national and international networks.
  • Our team: a Swiss network of 20 real estate experts – in Geneva and Zurich – (economists, lawyers, financial experts, architects…) and a training programme for university and high school students. Within 16 years, 29 university students were long-term interns in our offices (Law, HEC, HEG). A third of them were hired in the long run.
  • Imagination and discipline, on the confluence of three activities – economics/finance, law and property management, 20 years of expertise in real estate asset management (individuals, firms, credit and institutional investors).
  • A unique position: being fully independent – from banks, insurance companies, building companies, listed or unlisted structures… – and without any direct investments, we have one fundamental goal: creating value, and we have a repulsion for conflicts of interests.
  • What sort of real estate ?  Real estate as an investment largely follows the same rules or reflexes: irrespective of the object – residences, stores, hotels, offices or (re)financing,  the analysis is similar. AMI has purchased, sold, valuated, refinanced churches, barracks, train stations, stadiums…
  • CHF 9 bn of transactions and refinancing, 765,000 sqm of successful commercial leases, 57 buildings or groups of buildings sold, 1,425 valuation assignments. An immense passion for real estate, as ever.